Being a small firm, Gekoski & Bogdanoff is a fresh alternative to the large, national firms in today’s legal market. Over the past sixty years we have remained small in an effort to continue to provide our clients with responsiveness, attention to detail, and quality representation at competitive rates. Our focus on individualized attention ensures excellent communication between attorney and client. We pay particular attention to staffing our cases correctly so that our resources work most favorably for our clients. We also employ an experienced support staff who assist our attorneys in every facet of practice.

Our attorneys actively discuss their cases with our clients in an effort to find the least costly solution with the very best result. We develop a strategy with clients to bring cases to a resolution that meets our clients’ goals. As a litigation firm, we are not afraid to try cases. Every attorney in this office has substantial experience in trying cases and we are always ready, willing, and able to take your case to trial. However, not every case should be taken to trial. If the client decides that alternative dispute resolution is the correct avenue for their case, we are often able to work with good mediators to resolve the matter. When cases are scheduled for mediation, we do our homework in advance to assure that we obtain the best possible result for the client.

Gekoski & Bogdanoff has a proven record. We have been involved in litigation for decades and we are known for finding creative solutions to problems. As our record indicates, our clients continue to hire us because we are skilled, seasoned, and veteran attorneys diligently committed to representing our clients’ interests in a world of complex litigation.